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about 4 years ago



Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure a complete submission.

Step 1: You must submit your projects using this submission link. Please fill in all the required fields. You can use the upload file tab to upload any mock ups, photos of the team working on the project, demos, etc. The judges will be using the information submitted via the link below to determine which projects will advance. Please ensure all fields are submitted. 


Step 2: You must also submit your projects via Dev Post. Devpost is our public facing page for submitted projects. Devpost is where the larger community can view the great work you submitted. When submitting on Devpost, please answer the questions below. They are very similar to the questions you will have to answer in the submission form, so please feel free to use the same language.


Questions in Devpost Submission

Summarize your idea/solution

Provide a simple summary of your solution. Try and make it one to two sentences.

Describe your idea and how it addresses the challenge

This can be a more lengthy description of your solution and the problem you’re addressing.

How would your idea serve a local community?

Describe how your solution would positively impact the community or populations intended to serve.

Who will use the solution?

Describe the communities/populations served by your solution.

What makes your solution unique, innovative, and impactful?

Describe how your solution fills a void in services that are not currently offered, or how it will improve upon current legal services.

Sponsoring Organization

Provide the name of the sponsoring organization, law school clinic, bar association, etc.

Try it out

Provide a link to the demo if you have a prototype.


If you run into any problems during the submission process, please Direct Message Miguel Willis or Shellie Reid in Slack or email Miguel Willis at

Thank you for your indulgence and good luck!


The Justice Innovation Challenge Organizing Team